AccNoir-2008-05-30, Tarkin Take Two, with Bruce's Banter.

Posted on 30 May, 2008 - 11:23 byBruce Triggs

Accordion Noir: Playlist: May 30, 2008, Tarkin Take Two! (Bruce had fun chattering too.)
Artist -- Song – Album (date) – Origin – Label/Contact info:

Great Big Sea – Tishialuk Girls – The Hard & the Easy (2005, their ninth album!) – Cape Breton, Newfoundland, Canada –
Enoch Kent – Jamie Raeburn – One More Round (2008) – He's playing the Vancouver Island Musicfest, July 11-13!
Tarkin – The Oda G (by Stanley Triggs) – Live at Co-Op Radio May 30, 2008
Les Cowboys Fringants – Intro/Les Étoiles Filantes – La Grand-Messe (2004) –
Tarkin – The Snow Song (by Amanda Ruel) – Live at CFRO
Tarkin – Parlez-Nous à Boire (by Dewey Balfa) – Exécuté à CFRO
Nathen – Big Galoot – Jimson Weed (2004) – Winnipeg, Canada –
Jelena Milojevic – Kuusisto, Hymns 1st Movement – Croatia / Vancouver, Canada –   She's going to teach at Vancouver Community College starting in September. Cool!
Tarkin – The Minto (traditional protest song) – Live and traditional
Geoff Berner – Song Written in a Romanian Hospital – Whiskey Rabbi (2005) –
Sharron Shannon – Glentown – Sharron Shannon (1993) – (I "borrowed" this from Tarkin's Vanessa Kay, remind me to give it back.)


This episodes "cover" is from Tarkin's new album: Charming to the Last.


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