AccNoir-2008-05-09, Nueve de Mayo Mix!

Posted on 9 May, 2008 - 22:52 byBruce Triggs

Accordion Noir: Playlist: May 9, 2008, Nueve de Mayo! Manuél Magaña's Latin mix!

Artist -- Song – Album (date) – Origin – Label/Contact info:

Steve Jordan – El Kranke – Steve Jordan 25 Hits (2000) – Texas, USA –
Flaco Jimenez – La Tumba Sera el Final – Y Tu Mamá También – San Antonio, Texas, USA –
Los Palominos – Todos Lloramos – Uvalde, Texas, USA –
Bersuit Vergarabat – Gente de Mierdas – Libertinaje – Argentina –
El Poder Del Norte – En Tu Basura –
El Grán Silencio – Con Sangre Del Norte – Libres y Locos – Monterrey, México –
Elsa García – Inolvidable – Not the gymnist, the singer! She has her own barbie doll, but it hasn't got an accordion. –
Jorge Celedón – Sin Perdón – Villanueva, La Guajira, Colombia – (crazy Flash accordion website.)
Julieta Venegas – Andar Conmigo – Sí – Tijuana, México –
Los Alegres de la Sierra – Y Si Volviera A Nacer – Spring Valley, California, USA –
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs y Flaco Jimenez – Gallo Rojo – El León – Argentina, Texas –
Los Tigres del Norte – Si No Me Falla el Corazon – Los Dos Plebes (1994) – México –
Los Tres – He Barrido El Sol – Los Tres (Unplugged) (2006) – Chile –

This episodes "cover" is... A Zapatista accordionist by Dylan Minor

This was a wacky show. Sorry it's soooo late. Hopefully I'll get the podcasts caught up in the coming weeks. I've been extremely busy the last month helping move a volunteer-run bookstore. Whew! Come visit! – Bruce


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