AccNoir-2008-02-29, Festival du Bois

Posted on 29 February, 2008 - 04:20 byBruce Triggs

Accordion Noir: Playlist: February 29, 2008

Festival du Bois Special! With spectacular Francophone-in-person guests Aki and Emil!

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(These all came from the Festival du Bois promo-disc (collectors' item!) They almost totally made our show for us, except we had to provide the grade-six/seven translation and elocution crew, who made my week. Thanks guys, "Hi" if you share this with to your fab professeurs!)

Artist -- Song:
Rob Curto – Piano de Fole
La Volée d'Castors – Par monts et par vaux / le reel de Salomé
Club Carrefour – Meddley de Béatrice
Johnny Cajun – Hé hé oooh weee
La Volée d'Castors – La Jolie Rochelle
Alexandre Caron – La Galope à Simard
Les Cireux d'Semelles – La belle et l'épée
Tzimmes – Klezmyriad
Les Cireux d'Semelles – Le cireux et l'avare
Club Carrefour – Slip Jig de Kimmel
Rob Curto – Estrado do Sol
Mahers Bahers – Coming from the Races
Tzimmes – Dror Yikra

The Artists – Origin – Label/Contact info:
Rob Curto – Brooklyn, NY, USA –
La Volée d'Castors – Joliette (Québec) CANADA –
Club Carrefour – Québec, CANADA – (See fiddler Pierre Schryer's page at: ) or watch Quebecois accordion master make a diatonic accordion! He started the Carrefour mundial de l'Accordéon festival in Quebec too. I'd love to go to that:
Johnny Cajun – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada –
Alexandre Caron – Montmagny, Quebec, Canada – (...if I can find any contact info for him! Start with the festival website below.)
Les Cireux d'Semelles – Saskatchewan, Canada –
Mahers Bahers – St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada –
Tzimmes – Vancouver, BC, Canada (not Montreal, as I said on-air) –

Festival "Artists" site:

ps. This episodes "cover" is... the accordion (and some other less-important instruments) from the cover of the Fest. du Bois program.


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