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Accordion Noir: Playlist: January 5, 2007
CFRO Co-op Radio in Vancouver, BC, Canada
102.7 FM 2-3 AM (ugh!) for web-streaming worldwide.

Turlu Tursu (Belgium) – Accordion 'n Drum 'n Base (2005) – Geamparakle Lui Haidim (Romanian)
Neko Case (Tacoma!) – Furnace Room Lullaby (2000) – Thrice All American (Linda McRae, sweet acc solo.)
Steve (Esteban) Jordan (Texas) – 20 Golden Hits! (1992) – Vengo a Decirte
Gogol Bordello (New York!?!) – Gypsy Punks (2005) – Oh No
Hamster Theatre (Bolder, Colorado) – The Public Execution of Mister Personality (2006) – Race Against Time, "162" (two-fer)
Rowan, doing Prince's – 1999
Pink Sabbath (now the Pinks, California) – the Pink Sabbath (2006) – Freezer Burn
Zetaboo (Finland) – MediZine (2000) – Hiisi/Dickens
Mark Growden (California-land) – Downstairs Karaoke (1999) – Rain (drier edit)
Something About Reptiles (Vancouver, Canada!) – From Istanbul to Orangeville (2000) – Bosvermisim (i give empty)
Pee Wee King! (from the land of Western Swing) – Country Hoedown (1999 reissue, recorded 1952-ish) – Fool's Gold
Guy Klucevsek (New York) – The Well-Tampered Accordion (2004) – One Less Bell to Answer
Rowan & Mark Twain learn to play Robert Burns while tangling headphone cables in the bellows. Bruce adds a bit of Guy Klucevsek's Accordion Misdemeanors underneath, but this confuses things. (Interesting piece that by sir-Guy, it's incidental music for the audio-book of Annie Proulx's Accordion Crimes, showing accordion-music through history. Fun: gotta play some more of that.)
Marlene Dietrich closed us out from – the Cosmopolitan Marlene Dietrich – Time on My Hands (1951) (Lovely)

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