AccNoir-2007-07-13 Folk Fest Preview

Posted on 12 August, 2007 - 23:36 byBruce Triggs

Accordion Noir: Playlist: July, 13 2007
CFRO Co-op Radio in Vancouver, BC, Canada
102.7 FM 9:30-10:30 pm! Folkfestin' and local show previews. for web-streaming worldwide.

Draft playlist, trying to figure these things out here.

Song, Artist, Album, Origin, Date

Swallow, The Wailin' Jennys, Firecracker, Manitoba/Canada, 2006
Moto Perpétuo, Sivuca, Sivuca Sinfônico, Brazil
Greyhound, Fugitives, In Streetlight Communication, Vancouver/Canada, 2007
Dance Dance Dance, The Burning Hell, Canada, 2006
Begi nini nimiñoa, Tapia eta Leturi, Dultzemeneoa, Basque Country, 1992
Amaren alabarik, Tapia eta Leturi, Bizkaiko kopla zaharra, Basque Country, 1999
Cale ton verre, Marie-Josée Houle, Our Lady of Broken Souls, Canada, 2007
Apathy, James Lamb and the Liabilities, Canada
Slo-mo, Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores, The Quiet Room, 2005
Accordion Riot, A. Crime Boss (that'd be me makin' stuff up.)
Farewell To The Lady Of Broken Souls, Marie-Josee Houle, Our Lady Of Broken Souls Ottawa, Canada 2006
Sempre, Sivuca, Samba Nouvelle Vague,
Gathering Fingers, Stolen Babies, There Be Squabbles Ahead, Oakland, 2006

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