AccNoir-2010-07-28, Cylinder Recordings from the Future!

Posted on 10 August, 2010 - 19:19 byBruce Triggs

AccNoir-2010-07-28, Cylinder Recordings from the Future!

All tonight's music is from actual cylinder recordings from near the turn of the last century (1904-1922). Please go to the University of California Santa Barbara's "Cylinder Digitization Project" to access their full collection of these and many more recordings. They beautifully remind us of both the permanence and the fragility of culture, art and memory. We hope in the near future to submit a short "Squeezeboxes on Cylinder" article to their website about our favourites from their collection of over eighty accordion/concertina recordings.

University of California Santa Barbara's "Cylinder Digitization Project" –

In advance I should apologize for any technical mishaps on this show. We could blame it on the vintage equipment, but I think it was the younger members of our technology-team that might have caused trouble. Sorry for any issues with hearing me or the music. All the cylinders are available in pristine antiquity from the folks at (again): Get your share of love from 1898!

* Artist – Song – Album (year) – Where are they from? – Contact info if we've got it.
* John J. Kimmel – Medley of Irish Reels (Edison Records" announcement) – Edison Standard Record: 10284 (formerly "Gold Moulded Records") (1909) – Irish? USA?
* Guido Deiro – Italian army march – Edison Blue Amberol: 1774 (Reissue of Edison 4-minute Amberol 772) (1913)
* Alexander Prince – Poppies ("Edison Records" announcement) – Edison Gold Moulded Record: 13764 (1908) – Glasgow, Scotland
* Alexander Sashko and A. Iranova – Unhappy Cossack. (Ukranian folk song) : Oi ya nestchastay (Malo russkaya piesnia) – Foreign Blue Amberol record release: 11234 : Russian series. (1922) – I found his current website at:
* Patrick Scanlon and Dennis L. Smith – Medley of Irish jigs – Edison Blue Amberol: 3361 (1918)
* Three Vagrants – Tarantella Siciliana – Edison Blue Amberol: 4187 (1921)
* Pietro Frosini – Wedding of the winds – Edison Amberol: 103 (Later issued as 1861: Edison Blue Amberol) (1909) – Born August 9, 1885, Frosini was 24 when this was recorded.
* Accordion solo with organ accompaniment and whistling. – Russian kamarinskaja [Kamarinskai] (announcement in Russian) – Columbia Phonograph Co.: 65061 (1904)
* Ceské Trio z Prahy – Lándlery Tyrolske: valcik [Walzer, Ländler und Ecossaisen, piano, D. 145; arr.] – Edison Foreign Blue Amberol record release: Bohemian series: 9852 (Reissue of Edison 4-minute Amberol 9802) (1913)
* Arthur Osmond – I played my concertina – Edison Standard Record: 10209 (formerly "Gold Moulded Records") (1909
* Rudy Wiedoeft's Palace Trio – Missy – Edison Blue Amberol: 4119 (1920)
* Alexander Prince – Forgotten melodies – Edison Blue Amberol: 23128 (1909) – Glasgow, Scotland
* Piroshnikoff (?) – Nightingale – U.S. Everlasting Record: 1601 (1912)
* Pietro Frosini – Panama exposition (take 3) – Edison Blue Amberol: 2537 (1915)
* John J. Kimmel, 1866-1942 – Oh gee! – Edison Blue Amberol: 3985 (Dubbed from Edison Diamond Disc matrix 7116) (1920)
* Three Vagrants – Return of spring – Edison Blue Amberol: 4152 (1921)
* John Kimmble [i.e. John J. Kimmel]. – American cake walk ("Edison Records" announcement) – Edison Gold Moulded Record: 9341 (1906) – (Accordion solo with piano accompaniment.)
* Pietro Frosini – Valse caprice, no. 1 – Edison Blue Amberol: 4113 (Dubbed from Edison Diamond Disc matrix 7398.) (1920)

This episode's cover is: Some of the variety of colours and shapes of cylinders produced in the first age of audio recording.


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