AccNoir-2008-09-05, Accordion Poet Julie Peters!

Posted on 5 September, 2008 - 21:07 byBruce Triggs

Accordion Noir: Playlist: Sept 5th, 2008, with Julie Peters, guest accordion-poet!
Artist -- Song – Album (date) – Origin – Label/Contact info
Swamperella – Ton Papa Me Jette Dehors – Black Cat Boogie (2004) – Toronto, Canada –
Blackberry Wood – Cyrus the Great – Travelling Horse Opry (2008) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
Dr. Steel – Lullabye-bye – Dr. Steel II: Eclectic Boogaloo (2001) – Los Angeles, California, USA –
Wovenhand – White Knuckle Grip – Ten Stones (2008) – Elktooth, Colorado, USA –
Tummel – The fish with sad eyes – Transit (2004) – Sweden –
Jason Webley: The Monsters of Accordion show – Responsible Accordion Listening – The Monsters of Accordion show, Spokane, WA, (2008) – Seattle, Washington, USA – Ryan Pitts: (The P.A. System, Spokane7 Podcasts)
Mark Berube – Caulfield Line – What the Boat Gave the River (2008) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada –
Mark Berube – Minus 17 – What the Boat Gave the River (2008) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada –
Wendy McNeill – White Horses – A Dreamer's Guide to Hardcore Loving (2008) – Sweden, Canada –
Iva Nova – Сон колхозника (The Dream of a Farmer) – Chemodan (suitcase) (2006) – Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation –
Accordion Tribe – Soonsong – Lunghorn Twist (2006) – Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, USA, Austria –

This episode's cover is... Iva Nova's album Chemodan (hope that Cyrillic comes out.)

Oh, hey, Todd Hildreth of the band Squeeze-bot writes that they're in a contest to land a spot in the Chicago Bluegrass and Blues fest. The bands statement of purpose is worth checking it out. If you go to: (link down at press-time.)

you'll see it's very close. As far as they know, they're the only band in the running that features accordion, so if you feel inclined to help the cause, you can vote once and be done with it or you have the option of voting once a day. If you think they deserve the slot, cast your vote!

The contest runs until Oct 17th.


This has been another quicker podcast. Quantity and timeliness trump perfectionism? Hope you enjoy.

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